Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Worms Reloaded

Five years ago, if you'd asked me what my favourite gaming series of all time was, I probably would have considered Team 17's Worms saga. Featuring teams of charismatic wrigglers who love nothing better than to blow each other up with grenades and giant, concrete donkeys, it was arguably the most fun you could have with a turn-based multiplayer game.
Ask me in the present day, however, and the little guys wouldn't even cross my mind, due to a flurry of horrible Worms releases which added nothing to the original concept, and were quite simply cash-ins trying to squeeze a few extra drops out of a tired franchise.
The latest Worms venture, Worms: Reloaded, attempts to take the series back to its roots, collecting together the elements that made the game so great in the first place. While there's no denying that this is the game we used to know and love, a number of unforgivable issues once again kill the experience, including a dodgy camera and broken online multiplayer.


  1. Lol, I agree 100%. Nice read, can't wait for more.

  2. MAN, i friggin love worms, it was the best game going for some of my childhood

  3. damn, i was waiting to play it until i heard good things, and i never did